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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is blooming in india. The term medical tourism is widely used now-a-days. The concept of medical tourism is to travel to some other country other than one’s homeland and seek medical help there. People from different parts of the world are seeking medical help in india.According to some recent research, India is one among the top three destinations for medical help in Asia. The medical tourism in India has reached great glory due to its skilled physicians and reduced cost for treatments.

Medical tourism in india gained wide acceptence due to many favourable reasons. Some of them are the skilled surgeons, infrastructure, low cost, pleasant stay at the hospitals.India is known for its high standards in various health care departments such as the cardiology, orthopaedics, oncology, nephrology, and neuro surgery.

Most of the surgeons are highly skilled and well trained from India and abroad. Our Joint care clinic in jaipur, rajasthan also has some world class doctors. Dr. S.S.Soni , the most renowned orthopedic surgeon in jaipur, who specializes in joint replacement and arthroscopy is also trained in the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA and also did his Super- speciality course from Ninewells hospital and Medical College, United kingdom. Such highly qualified doctors in india make it a very good destination to seek medical help.

Utilization of the latest scientific-based medicine and technical advances in surgery and world class infrastructure is also one of the reasons for the trust in Indian medical sector.

The health insurance market in india is in good go. Also the national medical systems in the country is well managed and is of high standards which is convenient for the foreign visitors. Strong pharmaceutical industries have also contributed for this bloom of medical tourism in the country.

There are huge economic advantages for the international patients that make them choose India.Procedures such as hip and knee replacement and other high cost joint replacement surgeries are more affordable in India. The cost of travelling and accommodation is also compatively low and are affordable to many patients. India provides good multi-speciality hospital with highly skilled doctors, thus making medical tourism of India to bloossom.

After the required treatment or surgery, people can relax in india, as there are many tourist places wide spread in the country. The patients and the relatives can also try various treatments such as ayurveda, unani, acupuncture and homeopathy . People can spend their recovery period following a surgery doing meditations or yogas.

Language barrier is not a problem in india. Most of the foreigners are able to communicate freely, as indians are emerging as the english speaking country. So the ease of communication with doctors, staffs and the common people makes the foreigners comfortable.

All these above said factors make medical tourism in India successful. Indian hospitals are equipping themselves with more and more modern facilities for their international patients, so that they can make their stay and treatment in India affordable, pleasurable and of high standards.


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